Mr. Fahad H. Pirmohamed

Managing Director

Mr. Fahad H. Pirmohamed was inducted onto the Board of Directors of the company in 2008 after, having completed his tertiary education. He carries the baton of Highland Estates Limited and is looking after the rice plantations, transportation together with assisting in other businesses associated with the Company.

Mr. Pirmohamed A. Mulla.


Pirmohamed A. Mulla has a passion for aviation; he is the “wings” of the company. Having successfully completed the necessary training, he gained valuable experience as a first officer with Precision Air and Fast Jet Tanzania and expected to use that experience in the company’s future plans of expanding into the aviation industry. In 2015 he joined Highland Estates limited, and worked closely with Fahad in Mbarali Estate. In 2016, Pirmohamed was appointed as Director, and now lead the company’s poultry, dairy and water bottling division.

Mr. Naweed Y. Mulla.


Naweed Y. Mulla completed his tertiary education in 2013, where he then joined Highland Estate Limited and was based at Mbarali where he gained valuable experience working with the company’s directors on the rice plantations as well as the company’s Sisal Estates. In 2016, he was apointed onto the board as directors to lead the company in its Sisal activities. He takes over from his father who is pioneering and managing the company’s international investments.

Mr. Nawab A. Mulla


Mr Nawab A. Mulla is one of the youngest company directors, he is now overlooking, the construction and heavy machinery affairs.

Mr Abdulhamid H. Pirmohamed.


Mr. Abdulhamid H. Pirmohamed joined Highland Estates Limited having completed his higher education in late 2015. He links the company with its different sectors, and is the Director of the company’s trading and marketing division, assisting in marketing the wide spectrum of products and services provided by Highland Estates Limited.